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We’re just 14 days into summer 2017. You told yourself you would get out more. But instead, you’re probably at home, watching snaps of folks at pool parties, cookouts, or at the beach. GO OUTSIDE! Have fun! Make memories! Do crazy sh*t. No seriously! You will never be this young again, lol.

Anyways, you’re getting ready to go out and have fun, but you aren’t sure what to wear! I think yellow is the perfect color to wear this summer, especially transitioning from the spring. I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite brands that you should have in your closet this summer! Especially if you’re a broke college student like myself!

Mesh Long-Sleeve Set from Sorella Boutique $55.00

Mesh Long-Sleeve Set

Sorella Boutique is one of my favorite places to shop. I am obsessed with Heather Sanders and Brittany Turner, they’ve been killing sh*t these past few years! They always have the flyest clothing, especially if you’re balling on a budget.

Double Lace Mini Skirt Yellow from Sorella Boutique – $38.00

Double Lace Mini Skirt
Double Lace Mini Skirt

If you don’t own any double lace items in your closet this season, you’re tripping! I love this double lace mini skirt from Sorella Boutique. Most double lace items I see are black leggings or the pleather mini skirts.  But for the summer, you want to be breaking these dudes necks!

Shape Dionne Yellow Jersey Curve Hem Mini Dress from Pretty Little Things – $14.00

Yellow mini dress from Pretty Little Things
Shape Dionne Yellow Jersey Curve Hem Mini Dress

Pretty Little Things is definitely one of my favorite online stores. You can never go wrong with a mini dress either for a day party, brunch, or a night out.

Satin Ruffle Cami Romper from Forever21 – $22.00

Forever 21 Yellow Romper
Satin Ruffle Cami Romper

Men have been trying to take over the game with Romphim’s *insert rolling eyes emoji*. But ladies don’t let them try to steal your rompers from your closet! Forever21 will always be a favorite place to shop on a budget. It’s usually my go to place if I need to find last minute attire because they have a huge selection of items.

Cici’s Maxi Dress Yellow/Floral from Fashion Nova – $32.99

Fashion Nova Yellow Maxi Dress
Cici’s Maxi Dress

Would it really be summer if I didn’t post one maxi dress? Fashion Nova is my go to place to find the perfect sundress. I love a sundress with a high split and open back. Maxi dresses are perfect for cookouts, brunches, wine tasting, or any outdoor event this summer.


Yellow Safety Glasses from Sorella Boutique – $20.00

See through yellow frames and lens
Safety Glasses

These yellow frames are also perfect for any look this summer. Sorella Boutique is really killing it with sunglasses this season. This is also good for making any simple look more bold. I am loving these frames for the summer.

What are some of your favorite trends/looks this summer? Comment Below!


My Outfit Deets!

Venice Oval Sunglasses From Urban Outfitters

Mustard Dress from American Apparel

Mossimo Platform Block Heels from Target



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Well, yellow here I come. I’m going to crash somebodies Barbeque and have fun.


All of these pieces are so cute! I feel like I’ve been doing a pretty good job of getting outside so far this summer 🙂


Thank you! <3


I love yellow so much! Your looks are so great!
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Thank you! <3

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