One of my absolute favorite things this year has been attending Pop Ups. If you’re not sure what a Pop Up is, well its where a brand sets up a temporary store lasting from 1-5 days or so. Some of the products are exclusive and aren’t released online or anywhere else. I’m not sure where my obsession with them began. I love the themes, the aesthetic, the display of the products, and the vibes I get stepping into one. So far this year I’ve gone to three pop-ups: A$AP for Guess, Fenty x Puma (Which I regret not doing a post for), and now Dimepiece LA. I decided to cover Dimepiece LA because they’re a brand I’ve rocked with for a long time just like MOB (Read about my love for Married to the Mob here.) If you are new to the women’s streetwear game and are not familiar with this brand then start doing your research! They’ve been in the game for 10 years now, and every major baddie has rocked their stuff from Cassie to Rihanna.

Dimepiece popup on Fairfax

Their theme is  “Encouragement Over Competition”. Encouraging women to be bold, to be themselves and not conform. And basically not hate on each other because there’s enough shine to go around. Huge shoutouts to founders Laura and Ashley for always creating from a place of love and not hate!

I attended their 1-day pop up this past weekend and purchased a few goodies. Some of which were unreleased. I love purchasing exclusive items and being one of the few to own those pieces.

Here’s some items I purchased.

I had to get the classic “Ain’t No Wifey”  T-Shirt. This is the tee that first attracted me to the brand. You can shop their “Ain’t No Wifey” items here.

I hope to attend a few more pop ups this year. Do you have any great pop up experiences or any pop ups your looking forward to attending?! Comment Below!


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I really love Pop Up shops as well! Sounds like you’ve been to some amazing ones this year. Xo, Ellese


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